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Having all your contracts under control
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General Solutions

In addition to the powerful tools of a DMS (e.g. versioning, power search etc.), the ELO ECM features several solutions which optimize your business. Start organizing your business with the use of general solutions like ad-hoc workflows, allowing personalized task management, setup a new checklist for project you are working on, or create and update a company wide contact database. The service-oriented architecture of ELO ECM allows the creation of custom solutions for a multitude of possible use case. 

Business Solutions


The ELO ECM Suite features predesigned modules called Business Solutions. These are business solutions based on best-practice approaches. Since already pre-configured, they are ready for immediate use and can be easily adapted to your businesses' individual needs. The ELO Business Solutions fit the busitec approach "as much standard as possible - as much individuality as necessary". They allow your business to implement a "out of the box" solution ensuring the desired return on investment. 

ELO Learning

Organizing your learning efforts.

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ELO Knowledge

Centralizing information management.

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ELO Visitor

Ensuring a secure and representative first impression.

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ELO "Build Your Own"

Building your own solution - customized to our needs by busitec

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ELO Contract

Controlling and monitoring of all types of contracts throughout their life cycle.

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ELO Invoice

Empowering efficient and transparent AP and AR invoice management.

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ELO HR Personnel File

Streamlining HR processes and PIPEDA compliant HR administration.

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ELO HR Recruiting

Structuring collaborative candidate management.



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