ELO Invoice

The solution for AP and AR invoice process management: ELO Invoice AP automatically captures and recognizes incoming invoices and receipts and forwards them via ELO workflow to the right employees for verification and processing. ELO Invoice AR automatically recognizes your checks and matches them to your AR invoices.


Automated Invoice Management

Whether the workflow for invoice approval, an invoice verification or processing a check: your processes can be optimally mapped within digital invoice processing. When scanning a received paper, automated OCR recognition simplifies the typing of metadata. On the invoice and check, data such as the invoice amount, date, supplier or customer or tax information is read out. This reduces the time employees spend. The ELO invoice solution helps to significantly reduce the time, cost, risk and complexity of this process. The receipts will be automatically recorded and sorted, and forwarded to the relevant employees in the workflow. This allows you to better control the accounts payable and accounts receivable cycle and ensure that invoices are not forgotten.


The Solution Overview

The dashboard will allow you to keep track of your AP and AR  processes at all times. Monitor your invoices, checks and discount deadlines. Display and filter time-critical documents. Thanks to the early warning system, you meet due deadlines and can remind your customers to meet theirs.

Invoice Dashboard.png
Invoice Form.png

Forms support you during invoice approval. Simply add to or change automatically entered data manually using a form. Various form modules provide you with a clear overview.

The interlinked ELO DocXtractor gives your business the ability to collect and evaluate information instantly. The solution combined with ELO invoice solves problems like:

-  Analysis and processing documents from different input 


-  Extraction of information from the corresponding documents, -  Comparison with the data of the ERP system, and gain data

   consistence by reconciliation with the help of AI technology.

Are you ready to upgrade your records management and increase your effciency?

Invoice processing

Format-independent AR / AP documents

Individual processes supported

Automatic invoice filing