ELO Contract

The solution for your contract management: legally watertight, transparent, compliant and at the same time vastly time-saving. Reduce your contract records management workload over the entire lifecycle of a contract – from the request to conclusion and archiving.


Digital Contract Management and Monitoring

Most of your business relationship are based on a contracts. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that a transparent and standardized processes are established. Using ELO Contract, you can track contract conditions and deadlines so that no information or deadlines will be lost. The solution is based on best practices for handling contract-related processes, and it only takes a few steps to adapt to your own requirements. It is a proven solution that can provide you with an effective and safe way to manage all contract documents. In the future, you will be able to find relevant information and documents your business' own central ELO repository. The ELO workflow automates and integrates the process into a single system, thereby improving collaboration between your colleagues and optimizing productivity.


The Solution Overview

The convenient contract management cockpit provides you with extensive controlling options. This allows you to monitor current contracts and perform various evaluations. ELO Contract also provides a calendar view that clearly displays important key data, such as reminder and termination dates. 

ELO Contract Dashboard Calender.png
ELO Contract Terms.png

The lifecycle of a contract is very comprehensive. With the contract management solution, you have transparent control over all activities involved in the creation, administration, adaptation, processing and updating of contracts. ELO Contract can be individually adapted to the needs of your company. Using drag & drop, you can easily store all contract-relevant documents, such as draft contracts, correspondence, inquiries or offers. 

Every contract undergoes an approval workflow. ELO Contract allows you to individually adjust workflows depending on your needs. After the contract approval is finished, the contract will be added to one of the active contract in your dashboard.

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Contract requests

Automatically create template based contract documents

Approval processes workflow automation

Allocate permission-based user roles